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Month: August 2014

Re: [trinity-users] I am so, so sorry - Kubuntu 14.04

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2014 22:02:28 -0500
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> Got a new workstation.  Wrong video card.  The vendor -- rhymes with Bell
> -- was happy to send me a 2-port card and 3 displays when I ordered a card
> that had 3 ports (because, hello, three displays).
> No problem, purchasing person, just have them send me the new card and
> I'll
> send the old one back.  Nope, no can do, user guy.  Send the whole system
> back.
> Three weeks later ...
> I decide I want the latest Kubuntu.  I see that there is no TDE for 14.04
> so I think "OK, surely they've made KDE 4 usable by now given that it's
> been how many years?"
> Um, no.  Panels won't extend across multiple screens - have to have one
> for
> each.  Do those stay on the screens where you put them?  No they don't.
> Surely this is something new.  No, it is not - googling around tells me
> that it's at least 5 years old *and* the plasma idiots say that this won't
> be fixed because it isn't a problem.
> Even *Konsole* is farked up.  What a mess.
> So here I am ... begging for 14.04 support in TDE because I really don't
> have the time to spend reinstalling *again* (I skipped over the Fedora 20
> and CentOS 6 chapters of the story).  This is a work system, where I do
> work, not a play system where I play.  That is a distinction lost on the
> plasma/KDE 4 idiots.
> Help?

Thanks for the feedback, it is quite valuable to us!  I am very surprised
KDE4 has not been fixed at this late date; TDE still has a place then
beyond my niche requirements.

My best advice is to use the R14 nightly builds.  They are quite
functional, and the only reason that R14 has not yet been released is that
we are cleaning up odd little regressions and bugs here and there.

Simply follow the instructions here, substituting "trusty" for "oneiric":

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