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Month: August 2014

have blown up kicker

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 11:44:45 -0400
greetings, good folks . . .

i'm running on 12.04LTS on a 64-bit machine.

untril friday i had two monitors, secondary above primary. primary was 
1920x1080; secondary, though physically smaller, was 1920x1200. acquired a 
replacement secondary monitor, fundamentically identical (1920x1080) to 
the primary.

whereupon xrandr reported 1936x 2152. primary monitor is sharp, secondary 
has contrasting ghosts slightly to the right of the original image. 
thinking that my driver was flaked out, i d/led the latest geforce driver 
and installed it. i rebooted. xrandr briefly listed 1920x2152 (1920x2160 
would be correct) before kicker crashed. i have tried running dcop kicker 
kicher restart; sometimes it shows kicker restarting, but then it 
disappears not to return. there was a time when editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf 
(or before that, XF86config) would let one adjust things to get the video 
right, and that opening kcontrol and making, then unmaking, a change yo 
the kicker parameters would fix things. but the x configuration file 
structure has gone all odd, and i'm not sure i'd know anymore what to tell 
it anyway. i can go looking for a way to fix the screen configuration, i 
suppose, but i cannot live without my kicker.



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