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Month: August 2014

Re: [trinity-users] have blown up kicker

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014 18:58:27 -0500
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> On Sunday 24 August 2014 07:44:45 am you wrote:
>> greetings, good folks . . .
>> i'm running on 12.04LTS on a 64-bit machine.
>> untril friday i had two monitors, secondary above primary. primary
>> was 1920x1080; secondary, though physically smaller, was 1920x1200.
>> acquired a replacement secondary monitor, fundamentically identical
>> (1920x1080) to the primary.
>> whereupon xrandr reported 1936x 2152. primary monitor is sharp,
>> secondary has contrasting ghosts slightly to the right of the
>> original image. thinking that my driver was flaked out, i d/led the
>> latest geforce driver and installed it. i rebooted. xrandr briefly
>> listed 1920x2152 (1920x2160 would be correct) before kicker crashed.
>> i have tried running dcop kicker kicher restart; sometimes it shows
>> kicker restarting, but then it disappears not to return. there was a
>> time when editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or before that, XF86config)
>> would let one adjust things to get the video right, and that opening
>> kcontrol and making, then unmaking, a change yo the kicker parameters
>> would fix things. but the x configuration file structure has gone all
>> odd, and i'm not sure i'd know anymore what to tell it anyway. i can
>> go looking for a way to fix the screen configuration, i suppose, but
>> i cannot live without my kicker.
>> ideas?
>> thanks.
> I have a Nvidia card, I use the drivers from Nvidia, also have used
> Debians packaging of the same..prefer Nvidia's package.
> I have a custom xorg.conf file that I used for years on my dual monitor
> setups.  Recently I moved the xorg.conf file aside and let Nvidia write
> a new one, works fine.
> If you are using Nvidai's driver I would start over and let Nvidia do
> its thing..see what happens.. you might be pleasantly suprised.
> --
> Peace,
> Greg

I am pretty sure I fixed a similar issue for R14 not too long ago. would still be affected.

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