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Month: December 2014

kdeskto_lock issue

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:48:17 -0900
Debian Wheezy, Amd64, Nvidia quadro card, drivers from vender, dual  monitors.

In my .xsession-errors files I can see numerous entries:
"tdecore] Deleting stale lockfile /tmp/tde-pabiVcZK3y/kdesktop_lock_lockfile" 
This crashes my X session, ~ 1 minute uptime, dumps me back to the login 
screen, totaly unworkable.

I have been working around this issue because it only happens on 2 
workstations with the same hardware specs, and drivers from Nvidia.

I remove  '/opt/trinity/bin/kdesktop_lock', I do not use screensaver or lock 
desktop, this works..until an update replaces the kdesktop_lock binary...this 
will stop eventually.

I read bugs 2222 & 2230, re kdesktop_lock, I could run a backtrace if that 
would help and if someone could give directions on howto.  I will file a bug 
with the backtrace.