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Month: December 2014

Lockups after unlocking screensaver

From: Mike Bird <mgb-trinity@...>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 07:42:34 -0800
Since installing RC2 I have twice experienced "lockups" upon
unlocking the screen.  I have never experienced these before.

Once "locked up" the mouse has no effect and there is almost
no keyboard effect.  However numlock and capslock keys still
flip their indicator LEDs and ctrl-alt-Fn can be used to
switch to another console.

First time: as root I restarted tdm-trinity.  I didn't notice
if there were any error messages.  When Trinity restarted it
was on a new console - alt-F8 instead of alt-F7.

The second time: as root I stopped tdm-trinity.  I noticed
error messages saying the stop had failed.  I killed -9
kdesktop_lock, stopped tdm-trinity again, and started it.
This time Trinity started on the expected console.

I'd appreciate any suggestions of any additional steps I
should take to help diagnose the problem if it happens again.