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Month: December 2014

little upgrade bump

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 19:52:30 -0500
lord how i hate upgrades anymore. not so much talking tde here but ubuntu. 
anyway, installed ubuntu 14.04LTS, i think -- i wonder if it blew up 
someplace, because it didn't, for instance, install grub so i had to do 
some commandline stuff to get it to boot from the new kernel. oh, for a 
return to lilo!

but i think i have it all installed and somewhat working. more or less. so, 
then, installed tde. except that kmail doesn't work. so i started it from 
konsole. it says "kmail: error while loading shared open shared object file:no such file or 

i'm really hoping that ubuntu is not trying to stick me with a kde4.x 
thing. so to begin with, i should ask: is "kmail" the command to start the 
tde version of kmail?

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