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Month: December 2014

kpdf problems

From: Dan Youngquist <dan@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 10:11:28 -0800
I've been having a couple problems with kpdf.  Both have been going on for
some time now; I don't remember exactly when they started, but it could've
been when I switched from 13.2 to R14 several months ago.  This is on Debian 7.

1. Occasionally it will refuse to render a single page of a multipage PDF
(or maybe a couple pages of a very long document), when other viewers render
all pages just fine.  It's the same pages every time, and there's nothing
different about them that I can see -- just a random page in the middle of a
document.  If I burst the PDF into individual files for each page, it still
refuses to render that same page.

2. It "forgets" a page as soon as it's no longer displayed, and has to
re-render it to display it again.  It's as though Memory Usage is set to Low
instead of Normal or Aggressive, but the setting makes no difference.  This
is very inconvenient in cases where it takes more than a fraction of a
second to render a page, which is the case with most of the PDFs I use.

3. One more that's not a new problem, just the way kpdf has always been:
It's extremely slow -- something like 3x slower than Adobe Reader, and at
least 50% slower than Evince.  I'd have switched to one of those long ago,
but there are several features of kpdf that I really like.

Is there any chance of getting these things fixed?  Thanks.

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