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Month: May 2015

LibreOffice has a problem with TDE R14.0 dialogs

From: Thierry de Coulon <tcoulon@...>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 18:39:07 +0200
Hello all,

Since I upgraded TDE to R14.0 (on openSUSE 13.1) I've got a problem with 
LibreOffice ( More precisely with the save dialog. If I want to save 
a file (save as), I get a first error dialog:

"Sorry - LibreOffice
Could not find mime typeapplication/octet-stream"

When I click ok it says:

"no mime types installed"

And if I accept this one I get

"Malformed URL file:///data"

And then a dialog box showing my path (/data/), but any navigation try is 
answered with "Malformed URL file:///"

I've checked the file associations, set up LibreOffice's programs as first 
choice (they had been set further back in the list). Everything seems same as 
in, but it does not work.

Interrestingly, I found discussions about a similar (?) problem with KDE back 
in 2004, but the proposed solutions did not apply).

A simple workaround is to set LibreOffice to use it's own dialogs, but I 
thought it was worth reporting because I acn't figure out what's the problem.