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Month: January 2017

Re: [trinity-users] TDE 14.0.4 on Debian Stretch, tdm-trinity, tdeinit problem

From: "L.S. McCarty" <lsmccarty@...>
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2017 09:51:17 -0500
On 01/01/17 05:23 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> On Sunday 01 of January 2017 06:13:30 Michele Calgaro wrote:
>> On 2017/01/01 05:50 AM, L.S. McCarty wrote:
>>> Hello to all.
>>> I'm a long-time TDE user running TDE 14.0.4 amd64 on Debian 9.x
>>> Stretch (unstable, actually Siduction, using systemd). It works well,
>>> although I occasionally run into minor issues that I eventually
>>> solve. It is after all "unstable".
>>> Over the last few weeks a problem remains, binutils_2.27-9_amd64.deb
>>> works fine, but several updates of this program which can be loaded
>>> by itself, most recently binutils_2.27.90.201612331-1_amd64.deb, all
>>> render the system unbootable.
>>> The boot cycle proceeds from sda1 without any errors but the tdm
>>> signon comes up with a black background rather the normal blue TDE
>>> one. When I logon I get an error message and TDE does not load,
>>> showing a problem with my home partition on sda5:
>>> Could not read connection list
>>> /home/lsm1/.DCOPserver_LSM1_0
>>> Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running
>>> When I hit Enter I then get:
>>> Could not start tdeinit, Check your installation.
>>> This problem is specific to TDE as I can still load the backup
>>> desktop LXQT by the usual logon from the TDE signon box.
>>> When I boot to the console and downgrade to binutils_2.27-9_amd64.deb
>>> everything works as usual on the reboot.
>>> If anyone has any possible solutions I'd be happy to try them out and
>>> report back.
>> Hi there,
>> when binutils is updated, it is necessary to rebuild (or use a rebuilt
>> version of) "dependencies/libr". Without doing so, trying to update
>> binutils will raise a conflict with tdelibs which in turns brings up a
>> long list of packages that needs to be "removed". After rebuilding and
>> installing the new libr, binutils can be updated without problem.
>> for those using TDE on Sid/stretch you have two choices:
>> 1) if you are building TDE yuorselves, just rebuild and install libr
>> 2) if you are using preliminary stable builds from Slavek's repo, wait
>> until libr is rebuilt and then update binutils at the same time.
>> After doing all that, I think you will not run into the issue mentioned
>> by McCarty. If you do so, just rebuild and reinstall tdelibs as well
>> from CLI.
>> Just for info, from time to time I run into the same issue (last time
>> was a few weeks ago) and rebuilding as described has always fixed the
>> problem so far (I think libr is enough, but since I do not remember
>> 100% I also recommended tdelibs is the problem persists).
>> Cheers
>>   Michele
> I can confirm that the rebuild 'libr' is sufficient. Previously it was
> dependent on binutils also tdebase == was necessary to rebuild tdebase.
> However, for R14.0.x this is no longer valid.
> I try to update 'libr' in preliminary stable builds repository as soon as
> I notice a change binutils in the Debian repository. However, then it is
> essential that users have properly updated lists from preliminary stable
> builds repository. Without that, it just can not work smoothly.
> Cheers

Thanks to all for the comprehensive advice. I usually find important 
things through questions from others so I don't have to ask too many 
things myself.

I updated to R14.0.5 PSB (I usually track PSB but just hadn't got to 
it). Then I tried both of the latest binutils versions, debian testing 
and unstable. The problem remains exactly as before. Is there any 
further info I can provide?


SENT BY: Lynn McCarty