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Month: September 2017

Re: [trinity-users] Installation questions

From: "D. R. Evans" <doc.evans@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 11:48:40 -0600
Chris Austin wrote on 09/25/2017 10:29 AM:

> I don't recall being asked to uninstall any Debian package, and indeed, I 
> would have been extremely worried if I had been asked to do so.

Yep, that's exactly why I was worried too :-) I'm definitely being told to
uninstall the debian desktop-base.

> After I had installed Trinity, I was still able to use KDE4 rather than 
> Trinity by selecting KDE4 in the KDM menu, but I very quickly decided that I 
> preferred Trinity, and I have never been back to KDE4 since perhaps a week 
> after I installed Trinity.  I installed TDM a few days after I installed 
> Trinity, and use the TDM login now.

I'm using sddm because the update to stretch/KDE5 kindly removed kdm.

When I have some time later in the week, when I can do the TDE installation
without time pressure, I'll do so. I honestly don't expect to care about KDE5
after the installation is done, but I am still appropriately paranoid :-)
Although I can always fall back to i3 :-)

[I have one machine that is still running KDE3, and every time I use that
machine the experience is vastly more pleasant than either KDE4 or (in my
opinion, unusable) KDE5.]

> I can run the best KDE4 apps, such as Konqueror-KDE4, in Trinity, and thus get 
> the best of both worlds, by putting the appropriate path for the KDE4 version 
> in the Command field for a new menu item in Menu Editor.  To run Konqueror-KDE4 
> in Trinity, I put the command /usr/bin/konqueror in the Command field.

Understood. Of course, this assumes that when you press the K button, you
actually get a menu ... which is not a given on the KDE[5] I'm running!
Sometimes it gets itself into a state where pressing the K button simply
changes the K icon (it puts a little bar under it), but doesn't actually pop
up a menu. I'll be so glad to go back to a desktop that behaves itself.