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Month: March 2018

Re: [trinity-users] age & health & weight

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 18:32:18 -0700

On Sunday 18 March 2018 18:23:10 Kate Draven wrote:
> > Yes, all this are very relevant to trinity -_-
> > the mods should spank you :P
> LOL.
> > I didn't bother to read all the previous stuff
> > But i'll mention complications with losing weight...
> >
> > When the body lacks energy, and needs it fast
> > it will burn MUSCLE!!!!
> > it burns fat slowly....
> > When you exercise, you DON'T try to lose calories
> > You try to build muscle,
> > this way your metabolism at rest increases
> > and burn fat faster.
> > When exercising, you take extra sugar to avoid burning muscle
> > You can tell if you burned muscle, your piss has a chemical smells
> > (ammonia/urea)
> > Also, if you are very fat. The body will detect that you lost say.... 20
> > kilos, it will try to resist, because it thinks you are dying. You should
> > be losing large weights in smaller increments with some time between the
> > increments, so that the body consider the new weight as normal.... And
> > also, you should be psychologically fine (not depressed).
> >
> > In short:
> > cut all fats
> > take sugar only when you need to give physical effort
> > eat plenty of proteins and vegetables.
> > exercise to build muscles, short bursts of lots of force(body building,
> > lift weights, pushups , don't use the elevator etc...).
> > Losing weight just by dieting is too difficult....
> > Don't lose more then 1 kg a week.
> > If you are really very fat, do it in small increments.
> >
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thank you for all this info (seriously, I'm not being sarcastic).
> It's very useful.
> Now, if only doctors would hand out info like this.
> I know, asking too much.
> Thank you again,
> Kate

And here I thought we didn't have any women participating in our group. You 
have no doubt been hiding from all the toxic masculinity. 

My own doctor is nearly useless. Most of the advice they give is only useful 
if one is already healthy, or has the means to do what they suggest. 

Good health, diet, exercise, losing weight; they not only take individual 
effort, but group support, and a local culture that encourages it, and an 
immediate environment that is conducive to exercise. It's hard to get 
exercise when one can hardly find anything green outside, where everything is 
covered by concrete. 

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