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Month: April 2018

Re: [trinity-users] Re: more re. tde and qt5

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 13:41:24 -0700

On Sunday 29 April 2018 06:40:04 dep wrote:
> said Dr. Nikolaus Klepp:
> |The point of protinmail - as I see it - was an email address, that could
> | not be associated with a real person. But protonmail changed the initial
> | user authentication to require a handy or some other identifyable device,
> | so the main purpose is gone.
> not necessarily. while two-factor authentication is offered, it is not
> required.
> |But what I miss in kamil+PGPG is an encrypted mail-subject, e.g "Subject:
> | [trinity-users] Re: more re. tde and qt5" beeing replaced by a random
> | string, which gets replaced on the receiver side with an embedded subject
> | from within the encrypted mail. Reason is, that a lot of users use a
> | subject that tells a lot about the mail content, at least enough to let
> | it be sorted in "interesting" or "junk".
> that's the point, and why setting it up to work with kmail requires an
> intervening application, the protonmail bridge. normally one would use the
> protonmail web interface -- essentially webmail -- which is entirely
> encrypted, or a special application that seems to be little more than a
> one-site secure browser connected to the protonmail site. (for linux:
> but to use it with kmail or another mail client one needs to employ the
> bridge application, which encrypts before sending and decrypts upon
> receipt, on which a regular mail client can be hitched. (details
> here:
> in each case, as i understand it absolutely everything is encrypted:
> subject, sender, recipient, the works.
> the advantage to two-factor encryption in the service is of course added
> security should someone learn or guess your password but also the service's
> claim that with two-factor authentication not even the owners of protonmail
> can read your mail.
> i should mention that they offer a free version, which gives you a
> email address and limits your storage to 500 mb and each
> user to 150 email messages per day. though some features -- using your own
> domain, use of protonmail bridge -- are restricted to paid accounts, the
> cheapest of which is € 48.00 per year.
> and i think i've carried the forum terribly off-topic. i am not, btw, a
> protonmail salesman!
> dep
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