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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-users] can burn DVDs but not CDs

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2018 12:12:51 +0200
Am Freitag, 8. Juni 2018 schrieb William Morder:
> Okay, now this is new: In k3b settings, under external programs, both sox and 
> eMovix are listed as not found. I don't know about eMovix, as I can't find 
> any packages that mention it, but sox is definitely installed; yet k3b 
> persists in telling me that sox is not found. 
> And here's another disconcerting detail. When I click on search path (still in 
> k3b settings), I find that /opt/trinity/bin/ is not listed as a search path, 
> but something called /opt/schily/bin/ *is listed*; I've looked round, but 
> there is nothing I can find that corresponds to schily. Moreover, I delete 
> the line to search the path for /opt/schily/bin/, and add the 
> path /opt/trinity/bin/, yet when I restart I find that trinity is no longer 
> there, but schily has returned. 
> Apparently schily (or something related to it) is somehow connected to this 
> problem. Also it seems that I need whatever schily provides (cdrkit, 
> cdrtools, etc.), so for the time being, I've put this line back in for the 
> search path. However, this schily seems to the a controversial topic: 
> What the *$?%!&~ is schily? It seems to refer to a person named Joerg 
> Schilling (see links above). In any case, I have no folders named schily, so 
> the path points to nowhere that I can find in my system. 
> Bill

You found the right guy :-) Ages ago Schily was the autor of THE linux cd burning software. But then he changed then licence of his programs, the world was about to end, but people forked the software which led to "wodim" and the world continued turning. Anyway, "/opt/schily/bin" is hardcoded in k3d, you find it in "/opt/trinity/lib/". 

"sox" is not found on my system, too, despite the fact that sox is /usr/bin/sox and /usr/bin is included in the search path. It's no use fiddling the configfile, "sox" is simply ignored. But I don't know why k3b would need sox?

"eMoviex" is ancient, too. Ages ago you could build a CD/DVD and include eMovix "bootloader" which contained a minimal linux system. Boot from the CD/DVD and you were able to play the video content of the media ... omg, wasn't it around just yesterday? Well, follow the trail in the dust:


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