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Month: June 2018

Re: [trinity-users] [tentative] success!

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 19:32:52 -0400
On June 26, 2018 7:01 PM, iadest@... <iadest@...> wrote:

> Good luck with toolbar sizes to be usable both with joysticks, stylus
> and touch. I have GPD Win, installed Debian on it and also had TDE for
> a short time. However, I found that TDE is good for more powerful (not
> in sense of resources, but usage) machines - there are lots of options
> which I can use comfortably on my dual 2048x1536 setting or even a full
> HD desktop, but not in such small screen. I ended with Xlunch
> launcher as a primary "start menu" bound to key combination, window
> manager and panel from MATE and Double Commander as main file manager.

The Pocket is way different from the Win. It's more a very small laptop, while the Win was envisioned as a gaming device more than anything else, I think. There are no joysticks, just a Thinkpad-Trackpoint-style rubber nub (which I replaced with a "cat's tongue" nub from a Thinkpad 500 from 25 years ago -- much more precise because not at all slippery). With that I have need for neither touchscreen (though it does work in Trinity, to my mild surprise) nor stylus. The magnification or whatever it is is set at 2, so things aren't too tiny, and setting up Kicker was fairly trivial in most respects. I think it will work out pretty well -- though there are a few hours of configuration yet to come. And no doubt -- it's a computer, after all -- the places that will be most hellish to sort out are the ones that ought to be easiest.

> P.S. From GPD Win perspective: Does the suspend-to-disk really work? In
> Win there were enormous problems with it even under OEM Windows.

What? Windows doesn't work? Who'd have guessed?<g> There's a fairly substantial developer community, with all kinds of patches and stuff to make everything that is supposed to work work:

I haven't tried hibernation, but the last time I encountered a working hibernate on a computer was in 1993, on a Zeos Contenda running OS/2. Booted it on the airplane to Kuwait, used it every day I was there, and didn't have to reboot for months afterwards. Of course, the hibernate file was, what, 8 megs.


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