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Month: June 2018

info: in konqueror fails

From: Stefan Krusche <linux@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2018 13:45:35 +0200
Good day everyone,

when I try to open

  info:coreutils/dd invocation

in konqueror it fails with this error message:

An error occurred while loading info:coreutils/dd invocation:
Could not start process '/usr/bin/perl' '/opt/trinity/share/apps/tdeio_info/kde-info2html' '/opt/trinity/share/apps/tdeio_info/kde-info2html.conf' '/opt/trinity/share/icons/crystalsvg/22x22/actions' 'coreutils' 'dd invocation'.

The mentioned files are all there. I may miss some package which I haven't installed as this is a new system but I can't figure out which one.

Any advice or hint would be much appreciated.