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Month: August 2020

Vivaldi info

From: Michael <mb_trinity_desktop@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 17:48:08 -0500
Did this for a MX forum post

, figured it'd be relevent since y'all are talking about it here as well.

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Repository Installations:
Note:  Do not use their download page,

Vivaldi is owned by its employees. And we plan to keep it that way.

Having no external investors gives us the freedom to listen to our users and, 
together with them, build the browser they deserve.

From Wikipedia:
Vivaldi is a freeware, cross-platform web browser developed by Vivaldi 
Technologies, a company founded by Opera Software co-founder and former CEO 
Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. It was officially launched 
on April 6, 2016.[10][11]

Although intended for general users, it is first and foremost targeted towards 
technically-inclined users as well as former Opera users disgruntled by its 
transition from the Presto layout engine to a Chromium-based browser that 
resulted in the loss of many of its iconic features.[10][12] Despite also 
being Chromium-based, Vivaldi aims to revive the features of the Presto-based 
Opera with its own proprietary modifications.[13][14]

As of April 2020, Vivaldi has 1.5 million active monthly users.[15]

Vivaldi released a mobile (Android) beta version on September 6, 2019 and a 
regular release on April 22, 2020.