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Month: August 2020

hosts file modification

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2020 15:49:08 -0700

On Wednesday 19 August 2020 15:29:49 Michael wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 August 2020 04:40:55 pm William Morder via trinity-users
> wrote:
> > You might consider creating a custom hosts file. Somewhere I believe I
> > have a URL where you can download a file of hosts to block, but I have
> > added to this on my own. I would be glad to share my hosts file, but it
> > is big; not just big, but abnormally big, currently 16 mb.
> Please :)
> I'm pretty tired of 'fixing' ad-block lists everytime they get paid to
> whitelist [bad-stuff].  You could use:
> Or any of the file upload platforms.  It would make us happy :0
> Thanks,
> Michael

Will do. Let me edit out personal stuff. (I have a quickie command to 
overwrite my hosts file, which I comment out, but it shows my "from" and "to" 
locations for when I use cp to overwrite with my customized version of hosts. 

Let me check out that link you sent. I will start a new thread for the hosts 
file stuff.