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Month: August 2020

Beowulf/Buster upgrade - sudoers list - password problems

From: "William Morder via trinity-users" <trinity-users@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 17:06:31 -0700
Okay, so a new thread, as things have changed and progressed somewhat, but now 
I have new problems. 

I got my system restored *almost* to how I want it, but some things have 
changed in my system, and I did not make those changes. 

#1 - When installing, I deliberately chose *not* to set a root password; since 
nobody else ever gets to touch my system, it is enough that my user password 
is granted root privileges when I use sudo or su. 

Anyway, so now, suddenly, I am asked for the root password in order to run 
gufw and other such stuff. But when I enter my password, I get a message that 
the password is incorrect. This happened before, long ago, when I first 
switched from (k)ubuntu to debian; debian seems to have a stricter default 
policy, which is probably a good thing, and I probably ought to get the hang 
of this thing, right? 

So I need an easier solution than whatever this is that I am doing (or not 
doing). I have been combing through my Linux pocket guide and Linux in a 
Nutshell and Linux Bible, etc., but they all say the same thing, and none of 
them work. 

#2 - I still want a graphical firewall that runs like the old Firestarter; 
gufw isn't quite what I want, or maybe I just haven't yet configured it 

What I want is not just a GUI, but instead, one that displays *active 
connections* as they appear and disappear, and allows changing rules on the 
fly. Is there such a thing? 

Running it in a terminal would suit me just fine, so long as it is a dynamic 
display of active connections as they occur. Also an easier way to edit 
iptables. (I read that there is some new "thing" to replace iptables, meaning 
that ufw and gufw and their kin will all become obsolete very soon, 
apparently being phased out, and I had a hard time downloading them.) 

Another possible fix would be: to pass my firestarter rules (based on 
iptables) along to ufw/gufw. 

But anyway, what I want is to see my active connections. (See enclosed 

Any help or comments or suggestions are appreciated. If not, at least a good 


P.S. The worst insult is, just before my upgrade, I had got my Jessie system 
fine-tuned to near-perfection, and was feeling rather smug and virtually 
bulletproof. On the bright side: Beowulf/Buster does seem to run better, 
overall, except for when I can't get it to DO WHAT I WANT. 


See screenshot for firewall example.