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Month: August 2020

Re: [trinity-users] Beowulf/Buster upgrade - sudoers list - password problems

From: "Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 10:10:15 +0200
Hi Bill!

Anno domini 2020 Fri, 28 Aug 17:06:31 -0700
 William Morder via trinity-users scripsit:
> Okay, so a new thread, as things have changed and progressed somewhat, but now 
> I have new problems. 
> I got my system restored *almost* to how I want it, but some things have 
> changed in my system, and I did not make those changes. 
> #1 - When installing, I deliberately chose *not* to set a root password; since 
> nobody else ever gets to touch my system, it is enough that my user password  
> is granted root privileges when I use sudo or su. 

Always set a root password, even it's 123456789. Not all programs accept root without password.

> Anyway, so now, suddenly, I am asked for the root password in order to run 
> gufw and other such stuff. But when I enter my password, I get a message that 
> the password is incorrect. This happened before, long ago, when I first 
> switched from (k)ubuntu to debian; debian seems to have a stricter default 
> policy, which is probably a good thing, and I probably ought to get the hang 
> of this thing, right? 
> So I need an easier solution than whatever this is that I am doing (or not 
> doing). I have been combing through my Linux pocket guide and Linux in a 
> Nutshell and Linux Bible, etc., but they all say the same thing, and none of 
> them work. 
> #2 - I still want a graphical firewall that runs like the old Firestarter; 
> gufw isn't quite what I want, or maybe I just haven't yet configured it 
> properly. 

didn't know Firestarter, but it loks nice for a firewall. I have to admit I don't like linux firewall (I prefer the BSD way). Anyway, I use "ufw" - it has a nice GUI, depending on your text editor :)

> What I want is not just a GUI, but instead, one that displays *active 
> connections* as they appear and disappear, and allows changing rules on the 
> fly. Is there such a thing? 

"fierwall-applet" could be what you want, but it drags in a hole bunch of things.

> Running it in a terminal would suit me just fine, so long as it is a dynamic 
> display of active connections as they occur. Also an easier way to edit 
> iptables. (I read that there is some new "thing" to replace iptables, meaning 
> that ufw and gufw and their kin will all become obsolete very soon, 
> apparently being phased out, and I had a hard time downloading them.) 
> Another possible fix would be: to pass my firestarter rules (based on 
> iptables) along to ufw/gufw. 

gufw? a gui for ufw? Abomoination!
That could definitly be done. Are you in for a bit of shell black magic?

> But anyway, what I want is to see my active connections. (See enclosed 
> screenshot.) 
> Any help or comments or suggestions are appreciated. If not, at least a good 
> joke. 

Windows guys suggest to run a firewall in amazon cloud and send all your network through it. I still have not figured out if tis is a bad joke or that they actully do, but I have the strong feeling this is a seriouse advise (there are commertial offers for this kind of stuff).

> Bill
> P.S. The worst insult is, just before my upgrade, I had got my Jessie system 
> fine-tuned to near-perfection, and was feeling rather smug and virtually 
> bulletproof. On the bright side: Beowulf/Buster does seem to run better, 
> overall, except for when I can't get it to DO WHAT I WANT. 
> :-\
> See screenshot for firewall example. 

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