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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Please use version numbers!

From: Lisi <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 19:59:17 +0000
On Saturday 18 February 2012 19:29:11 Andy wrote:
> On Saturday 18 February 2012 01:38:00 pm Kristopher John Gamrat wrote:
> > > And PLEASE, use version numbers in the future!
> > > </quote>
> >
> > Looking at the main page at, you see "Debian Lenny"
> > and "Debian Squeeze", not "Debian 5.0" and "Debian 6.0". This may be what
> > the OP was referring to. The only reason I know the difference is because
> > I have been using Debian for just under a year. If I hadn't done my
> > research on Debian beforehand, I'd have no inkling of an idea what
> > "Squeeze" and "Lenny" referred to. Since I'm not an Ubuntu user, I have
> > not been keeping track of their code names, so I could not tell you the
> > difference between "Karmic" and "Lucid" except that they are two
> > different versions of Ubuntu, but I do not know what those versions are.
> It can be very confusing. Ubuntu is a little better in this regard because,
> I believe, the version names have been in alphabetical order. So "Lucid
> L-whatever" is more recent than "Karmic K-whatever-it-was".

Except for Warty Warthog!  That was one of the early ones.before they started 
being in alphabetical order.

I don't use Ubuntu myself, so do not keep track of Ubuntu names.  But since I 
don't use it, I don't need to chose a version of Trinity for it.  If I used 
it, I would know the name of the version I used.  (Or could easily look it up 
on my system.) 

I do use Debian, so I know the version names.  They don't all have numbers, so 
have to be referred to by name.  None out of experimental, Sid and Wheezy has 
a number.  By the time that Wheezy is released, we will all have been calling 
it Wheezy for some time.  It is easier to continue doing so after release as 
well, even though on release it will acquire a number, presumably 7.0.0.

I have just discovered that version 1.1.3 of vlc is called "The Luggage".  
Presumably from the Terry Pratchet novels.

Car names are no better.  Perhaps all geeks are small boys at heart.  (Us too, 
before feminists do battle!)