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Month: January 2011

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity Usage Poll

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011 19:59:43 +0000
On 14/01/11 18:16, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Fri January 14 2011 09:34:19 David Hare wrote:
>> Sudo-trinity cannot be essential to Trinity as I have neither installed.
> Maybe you have a different version, David.  Here's 1.7.2p7-1 in Squeeze ...
> # apt-cache show kde-core-trinity
> Package: kde-core-trinity
> Source: meta-kde-trinity
> Priority: optional
> Section: kde
> Installed-Size: 12
> Maintainer: Timothy Pearson<kb9vqf@...>
> Architecture: all
> Version: 5:54
> Suggests: kde-i18n-trinity (>= 4:3.5.5)
> Depends: arts-trinity (>= 1.5.5), kdebase-trinity (>= 4:3.5.5),
> kdelibs-trinity (>= 4:3.5.5), sudo-trinity
> Filename: pool/main/m/meta-kde-trinity/kde-core-trinity_54_all.deb
> Size: 7552
> MD5sum: 7e6aa595ed62fb17f5513f8b4f8b47e8
> SHA1: 4d723208305ae020c72c4c51cc94de42d888c5bc
> Description: the K Desktop Environment core modules [Trinity]
>   KDE (the K Desktop Environment) is a powerful Open Source graphical
>   desktop environment for Unix workstations. It combines ease of use,
>   contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the
>   technological superiority of the Unix operating system.
>   .
>   This metapackage includes the core official modules released with KDE. This
>   includes just the basic desktop (browser, file manager, text editor, control
>   center, panel, etc.) and important libraries and data, in addition to the
>   aRts soundserver.

I use my own package "kicklist" to install Trinity.

If I recognise a meta (eg  kde-core-trinity) it's off the list.

I originally put the list together from what was in my Lenny install, 
before Trinity was done for Debian (I used the Ubuntu packages back 
then) That list I still use to keep the bloat down.

dpkg -l | grep kde-core

Definitely not on my system. Everything seems fine without it.

Neither is sudo-trinity, although it was, something else must have 
pulled it in. Debian sudo is there now but I don't use sudo.