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Month: September 2012

New firefox releases freeze up

From: Jeff Taylor <shdwdrgn@...>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2012 23:04:53 -0600
I'm running trinity on Natty, and have been getting the newest version
of Firefox, but am unable to run them.  The latest version that is
remotely usable for me is 12.0.

Beginning with the upgrade to v13, when I restarted firefox, it brought
up the screen asking if I wanted to restore my tabs, to which I clicked
the restore button.  I then see the window fill up with my previous
tabs, and that's as far as firefox gets.  "Top" does not show FF using
any resources.  If I minimize the screen, then restore it, it takes
about 30 seconds for the window to be redrawn.  None of the tabs ever
load up, and I eventually have to just kill the process.

Next I try starting FF in safe-mode.  This gives the same results. 
Finally, I try creating a clean profile.  From here I am able to get a
start page loaded, but if I try to use the browser, it will allow me to
type for a couple seconds, then freezes for about 30 seconds.  It
continues this cycle for as long as I keep the window open.  During the
freezes, I have no problems accessing any other programs on my desktop.

I have tried the same process with FF14, and just tonight with FF15.  I
have continued to have the same results.

While using FF12, I can mostly use the browser, however on random
occasions I will get the same type of window-freeze... FF completely
stops responding, even though the CPU usage does not change, and
anywhere between 30 second to a few minutes later, FF will start
responding again.  These seem to happen once or twice an hour, but
otherwise the browser works as expected.  I have tried disabling
plugins, but it did not change the behavior.

I'm hoping someone here has seen this issue and might be able to point
me to a solution?

As a side-note, my wife's computer has been loaded with the same Trinity
setup.  She is currently running FF13 and not having any issues, and
since I did not find any notes on Google, I assume this issue is
specific to my computer... I just don't know where to begin
troubleshooting desktop issues.