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Month: September 2012

3.5.13-sru krusader mount manager

From: harrow <harrow@...>
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 14:19:25 +0400

I use 3.5.13-sru on Archlinux (x86_64). I use krusader mostly and I prefer to mount/umount external storages with krusader (Ctrl+M combobox , under proto/address/path line ). It's ok with usb-storage with FAT. But with usb-storage with ntfs it has some troubles. I've merged rules into hal policy *.fdi to use ntfs-3g and mounting process became ok. But trying to unmount I've get error that operation is not allowed.

It seems that i'ts indeed  krusader's mount manager fail , because konqueror does unmount well the same mounted storage  (from  media:/ window).

Is this distro-specific bug ? How can I fix it ?