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Month: September 2012

Re: [trinity-users] A general question about Trinity

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2012 13:00:43 -0500
>> Hello,
>> I did not try KDE3 on  OpenSuse, but I guess that automounting/unmouting
>> should work out ot the box, since it's using HAL. If not, I think it's a
>> bug for KDE3.
> I also think it's KDE3 bug. Well, automounting works, but when I try to
> unmount the drive in
> media:/ I get error claiming that I have no permissions to do so.
>> About network management, I don't think we have anything usable yet in
>> TDE.
>> On my side, I'm using gnome's nm-applet for this purpose.
> I also use nm-applet. The problem is that when I ran it under KDE3 it
> seemed crippled, as it was
> unable to record new connections (both user and system wide connections)
> and send any commands to
> NetworkManager. Coping configuration files from old installation to
> appropriate dir in /etc made
> these conectios available, but still this was not what I expected :/
> Anyway, if nm-applet works
> in TDE and allows to add and control connections without any problem then
> I'm happy.

That I guarantee, seeing as it was the only option under Debian
Wheezy/Ubuntu Precise for a while.  Note that the Ubuntu Precise nm-applet
version has a bug that randomly renders it unusable; see below.

>> If you can wait some more days, we are about to release TDE, an
>> updated 3.5.13 version, which will be available for OpenSuse 12.2 and
>> Ubuntu Precise, among others.
> Promise? If so, then I can wait, though I was desperate to get my system
> up and running till the
> end of week. I am still considering Debian, though I'm a bit reluctant to
> go with Squeeze since
> it will soon become oldstable.

We are building Wheezy packages for R14, and I have successfully booted
TDE on Wheezy/armel as of a few days ago, so upgrading from Squeeze when
Wheezy is released shouldn't be too difficult.

>> So you can try it and post feedback.
> Oh believe me, you will hear me complaining.... :)
> BTW. What are these problems in LTS 12.04 that you mentioned Tim? I have
> some friends using this
> Ubuntu and i didn't hear any complaints from them.

When used over almost any kind of remote connection Xlib segfaults on
XRandR access, rendering the system almost unusable.  Add in the nm-applet
icon randomly disappearing when used outside of Unity (including under
XFCE), two different GTK toolkits in use (v2 and v3), and a few other
issues and the overall system begins to feel very unpolished and downright

Hope this helps!