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Month: April 2011

No drag and drop into Firefox 4

From: sanne@...
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 13:41:44 +0200
Hi all,

I tried the recently released Firefox 4.0 binary from on my (old) 
Ubuntu 9.10-based system with Trinity 3.5.11 (64 Bit). I found that I can't 
drag and drop files from Konqueror into Firefox 4 to open them.

I filed a bugreport [1] for Firefox at and did some tests with 
Trinity 10.10, Kubuntu 10.10, and also with non-Qt applications on all 

I found that drag-drop open files in Firefox 4 works with every application 
that is not Qt3 based, and doesn't work with Qt3 based programs, regardless 
of desktop environment. It works for Firefox 3.x.

I promised to ask here if anybody would be willing to test (in case it's just 
me) and report back at the bugreport, so I'd appreciate any input from here. 
The Firefox developer who answered me also would take input from the Trinity 
developers, if there's something he could do on the Firefox side.

I read that there's a port of Trinity to Qt 4 on the way, so maybe this 
problem might sort of go away on it's own someday. :)

Should I also file a bug report at the Trinity bugtracker?

I'd appreciate any input on this issue.