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Month: December 2017

Re: [trinity-users] linux phone, ultra portable, the universe, and everything!

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 16:11:43 -0500
said Frank Lienhard:
| Hi everybody,
| while interesting, I would suggest to have a look at this device:

That is an interesting device, but it falls short of at least my minimum 
requirements -- the keyboard isn't really much of a keyboard and doesn't 
look to be up even to the standards of the Atari Portfolio from 1989 that 
I have in a drawer somewhere. It also seems a bit thickish.

| Since it is ment to be a tiny laptop with gaming controls, you can use
| the game controls (nubs) as an excelent pointing device. (you can use
| one as a pointing device and the other to emulate mouse clicks.
| And it has an internal Display with a 720p resolution, which makes a lot
| more sense to me then HD resolution on sich a tiny device).

To me there's no such thing as too much resolution, and in that I'd be 
called upon (occasionally, not always) to do photo editing with the device 
I get, having high-resolution in a screen only a little bigger than the 
one in the device to which you linked is markedly better -- I'm trying to 
imagine one of my 4000x6000 pictures on a 720p screen, and it's a little 
frightening. This combined with a keyboard that would make typing captions 
painful . . . while I'm sure it would be just what some people are looking 
for, it's antithetical to my needs. And I'm at the age that reading 
glasses will be needed for pretty much *any* portable device!

| And it was developed with the support and ideas of the community, which
| is finaly using it.

As noted above, the community's ideas do not much correspond with mine. 
Additionally, the frequencies supported by the Pyra device would severely 
limit it in the U.S., and the mobile edition is $850 U.S.

I've rolled the dice and ordered (and paid for) the Gemini/Psion 4G device 
on Indiegogo. I may be foolish (of that there can be little doubt; the 
only question is whether I was foolish in this case), but if it is even 
close to the device described, and if they do actually ship it -- always a 
concern in these kinds of things -- I think it will be a very useful 
Blackberry-iPad replacement, all the more so for it running/dual booting 
Linux. The specs have it being as powerful (more so in several ways) than 
the ThinkPad I've been using for a portable machine running 14.04 and TDE. 
The idea of having all that running on my telephone, along with a 
good-enough keyboard is worth the risk. Well, unless they never deliver, 
in which case it isn't.

If there's interest, I'll let the list know when it arrives and whether I 
got TDE to be happy on it.

Cross your fingers for me!

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