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Month: December 2017

Re: linux phone, ultra portable, the universe, and everything!

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 00:06:56 +0100
dep wrote:

> To me there's no such thing as too much resolution, and in that I'd be
> called upon (occasionally, not always) to do photo editing with the device
> I get, having high-resolution in a screen only a little bigger than the
> one in the device to which you linked is markedly better -- I'm trying to
> imagine one of my 4000x6000 pictures on a 720p screen, and it's a little
> frightening. This combined with a keyboard that would make typing captions
> painful . . . while I'm sure it would be just what some people are looking
> for, it's antithetical to my needs. And I'm at the age that reading
> glasses will be needed for pretty much any portable device!

To me the resolution is probably the only thing I liked in it as I hate high
resolution on small size. I agree with the rest what you wrote - the
Gemini/Psion beats it definitely. I was trying to imagine what faces the
people (clients, colleague and friends) would make if I come up with this
pyra misfortune. And what I am wondering most is who the ***** is buying
this. Why are people wasting time with such a thing? Unbelievable !

I bought Intex AquaFish and Sony Xperia X with SailFish. 

I keep my fingers crossed for you - let us know if you get it, what your
experience is!