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Month: January 2018

Re: about to bite off more than i can chew

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2018 19:34:22 +0100
dep wrote:

> so it seems likely that sometime in the next month the planet computers
> gemini will ship, dual booting android and debian stretch and, apparently,
> allowing linux apps to run under android (though we do not yet know
> whether the inverse is true, which would be useful for, say, telephone
> stuff).

not likely - Sailfish uses Dalvik (emulator for android apps) and has
integrated it in their licensed products, so Dalvik is OEM license bound
(thanks to google licensing model I guess)

> and amid my excitement i realize that there's a huge amount i don't know
> re. running linux applications on ARM machines. i've been spoiled by the
> ability on x86 machines to be able to add a repository to sources.lst and
> everything just works. my guess is that i'll not be able simply to add the
> trinity debian repository on this gadget and simply do an apt-get to make
> it all work.
> so, then, for those experienced in different architectures: is it likely i
> could simply recompile TDE on the machine itself and therefore get working
> binaries (presuming the availability of a compiler for the gadget), or is
> there more -- much, much more, probably -- that i'll need to do? the whole
> purpose of the exercise is to have TDE running usefully on a pocket-sized
> device, and i realize now that i don't even know if binaries would have to
> be specific to a particular device or just what.

no need to compile as you have

[DIR]   binary-armel/   05-Nov-2016 23:37       -

if you can run debian or one of the supported platforms on it, you just add
trinity to your source.list and install TDE (follow the installation notes