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Month: February 2018

how to enable mouse keys by default or command-line? w/ *addendum*

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 05:49:15 -0800
I have one of those minor bugs that annoys me, and I put it off while I was 
tracking down other bigger problems. But I tend to use mouse keys (on the num 
pad) a lot. However, at least once an hour or so, they just stop working, and 
I have to go into the Trinity Control Center dialogue and set them again. 

ALT-F12 enables them, but then the settings aren't mine; the cursors moves 
slower, and my click keys don't work. Also, many times when this happens my 
keyboard will also stop working, so I have to go to enable to mouse keys with 
only the mouse itself working. 

I feel like there is probably a configuration file hidden somewhere, or an 
easy command that would enable them quicker than what I have to do now. On 
the old KDE3, too, this was somewhat of a problem, but only when I first 
booted. Then I would enable the mouse keys, and they would be stable for the 
rest of the session. This is much more buggy. 

By the way, I am using an old Apple mouse, model #A1152, and I run Debian 
Jessie 8.8.x with TDE. 

 Oooops. It occurred to me after I sent it that the keyboard would be more 
appropriate info. Sorry, I was falling asleep when I wrote that. 

It's an HP keyboard #KU1060, but manufactured by Chicony. (This keyboard 
doesn't appear in TDE's list of supported keyboards, nor any that are close 
to it. Online research has yielded bugger all.) 

 This is for use on my desktop computer, which is a Frankenstein of new parts 
and motherboard, and sata hdds, inside a big old metal case from about the 
Thanks for any suggestions.