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Month: February 2018

how to enable mouse keys by default or command-line?

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:59:58 -0800
I have one of those minor bugs that annoys me, and I put it off while I was 
tracking down other bigger problems. But I tend to use mouse keys (on the num 
pad) a lot. However, at least once an hour or so, they just stop working, and 
I have to go into the Trinity Control Center dialogue and set them again. 

ALT-F12 enables them, but then the settings aren't mine; the cursors moves 
slower, and my click keys don't work. Also, many times when this happens my 
keyboard will also stop working, so I have to go to enable to mouse keys with 
only the mouse itself working. 

I feel like there is probably a configuration file hidden somewhere, or an 
easy command that would enable them quicker than what I have to do now. On 
the old KDE3, too, this was somewhat of a problem, but only when I first 
booted. Then I would enable the mouse keys, and they would be stable for the 
rest of the session. This is much more buggy. 

By the way, I am using an old Apple mouse, model #A1152, and I run Debian 
Jessie 8.8.x with TDE. 

Thanks for any suggestions.