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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-users] off-topic desktop on off-topic wm, but maybe someone here knows

From: wofgdkncxojef@...
Date: Tue, 15 May 2018 02:22:07 +0200

On Monday 14 May 2018 22:46:07 dep wrote:
> greetings, everybody . . .
> as planet computers gemini configuration enters its second week, with
> pretty much all linux-side software beta or worse, i actually have a
> sort-of working machine. (configuration won't be *utterly* complete until i
> have magnifying lenses implanted in my eyeballs -- 2160x1080 on a six-inch
> screen means that everything defaults to absurdly tiny; i opened a console
> with mc running in it and could have covered the window with a postage
> stamp, and i'm not exaggerating. though i've configured out of most of
> that.)
> but i've hit a problem that i can't figure out at all: the window manager
> is kwin and the desktop is lxqt. apparently both have been hacked a bit,
> though i may risk trying a trinity install (will it run atop kwin?) because
> i simply know and like it much more. but for now i need to play the cards
> as dealt.
> the device is touch screen, which for many if not most purposes is
> worthless. it is especially useless in dealing with the "panel," or what we
> would call the kicker. by default it is ridiculously tiny, but i was able
> to talk it into being 60 pixels high with 48x48 icons (the default is, i
> think 28 pixels high and i know the icons were 22x22). so now it takes a
> stripe across the bottom of the screen, making it even more oblong on a
> screen that has no space to spare. i've enabled autohide, but this is its
> own problem -- swiping down or touching the bottom edge to make it reappear
> is a very chancy thing. it can be done, but it's a minute or more of trial
> and error.
> so i want to bind a key combination to raise (and potentially lower, though
> if it times out and goes back down on its own, fine with me) the thing, and
> i haven't the first clue where or how to do this. there are in both lxqt
> and kwin configuration tools things called "shortcuts" which appear to be
> key bindings, but i do not have the slightest idea even what such an action
> would be called. i haven't found anything like "raise panel" as a choice. i
> suspect the answer will be to add or edit a line in an .xml line someplace
> in ./configure.
> any ideas? tde has kicker, so i suspect the two are fairly similar (maybe
> even the same code), but at this point i don't even know whether the wm or
> the desktop is where this ought to be done.
> thanks.
> dep
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trinity should normally use it's own window manager
You can use kwin inside trinity, but beware, there's a little bug
twin with compositing enabled doesn't allow to be replaced properly
by an other window manager. So make sure compositing is not activated
Then you'll be able to tell controll center to use kwin.

if you want, there's a kicker button, that make it slide horizontaly
leaving just a little button to unhide it.
maybe kdcop can be used to create a command of what you want.
kdcop gives advanced functions that you can use in a program to controll tde 
apps. It's a bit arcane, and you have to read the documentation in how to 
actually use it.