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Month: May 2018

Re: [trinity-users] a bug in my mouse

From: William Morder <doctor_contendo@...>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2018 22:04:16 -0700

> On Mon, 14 May 2018 06:47:15 -0700
> William Morder <doctor_contendo@...> wrote:
> > Just started getting this bug in my mouse. The left-click function won't
> > work on the top menu bar in pretty much any application, on any desktop.
> > I am able to access functions sometimes only by using the tab and
> > shift-tab to move back and forth through menus, etc.; but this doesn't
> > work in all programs.
> >
> > Notably, I can't click on the home icon in any browser, nor can I use any
> > menu functions.
> >
> > When I try to right-click, part of my screen (more or less the upper left
> > hand corner, about one quarter of my screen) acts like I am on the
> > desktop rather than in a program, and I see the menu functions to
> > configure desktop.
> >
> > I've seen this bug before, and it seems to go away after weeks of
> > annoying me, or I reinstall everything and then (if I recall) it seems to
> > go away, but I don't want to reinstall everything over what I think is
> > just a bug.
> >
> > Is there perhaps a config file buried somewhere that will fix this bug?
> > Or has anybody else ever had a similar problem?
> >
> > By the way, it all seemed to start after I used smplayer, on
> > recommendation from another user here. (Not blaming anybody, as I have
> > totally messed up then rebuilt my machine many times, often just after
> > trying out some new program.) I prefer vlc, but that, too, has been buggy
> > and always crashes, and smplayer works pretty well. I remember making
> > changes in the smplayer config (but nothing that I thought would affect
> > the mouse); although it seems that thereafter is when I started having
> > these problems.
> >
> > I've gone through the smplayer settings again and again, and don't find
> > anything that ought to affect the mouse.
> >
> > Please help, if you have any clue what is the cause of this bug. Thanks.
> > 
> > Bill

Felix Miata wrote: 

> > Which distro?
Sorry, I usually list these details by habit. 
Debian Jessie 8.8.0 installed, but by now upgraded to 8.10 or whatever. 

> > Which Xorg version? 

> > Which input driver version(s)? 
> > What is mouse age, brand and model? 

New enough, a Logitech Cordless Elite Duo (keyboard & mouse). However, I 
believe this detail is probably not relevant, as I have had the bug before, 
using different mouse and keyboard, some cordless and others not. And I had 
the bug before on the KDE 3.5 desktop. 

> > Is the mouse plugged into an extension cable? If yes, does removing or 
> > replacing the extension help? 
> > Is the mouse cable parallel to one or more other cables that can be > > > 
> > relocated? 
> > Does the mouse use batteries and need either new ones or contacts cleaned? 
> > Have you tried unplugging mouse and plugging it back in? 
> > Have you tried moving the mouse cable or antenna to another port? 
> > Have you tried purging *mouse* driver and leaving it up to *input* driver 
> > to handle the mouse? 

I already tried most of these troubleshooting options, and besides, I have had 
this bug before from time to time, not only with TDE, but also with the old 
KDE 3.5 desktop. 

> > 
> > Felix Miata 

>On Monday 14 May 2018 08:30:08 Nick Koretsky wrote:
> From your description i can see two possibilities:
> 1. Some kind of focus stealing is going on. It can be tricky to find what
> program causes this, but check tde focus stealing prevention options
> (windows behavior->focus) and try setting to none and to extreme and see if
> any of this help.
Yes, this is the sort of thing I was also thinking, but I have already gone 
through pretty much all my programs (at least those that I use often), and 
changed the focus stealing prevention to extreme or at least high. Also, I 
don't understand why this would affect all windows and all programs that are 

I was worried about some kind of shadow program or a ghost from a program 
either previously opened, or opened on another desktop. 

> 2. Check that you dont have any stuck mod keys (Alt,ctrl,win),also there
> is a possibility that some program can rise a virtual "mod key". Use
> xkbwatch to check.
I do occasionally get sticky keys, but this is a different sort of problem. 

>   Nick Koretsky (nick.koretsky@...)
Just to be clear: There is a kind of invisible border that takes up nearly one 
quarter of my screen, the top left hand corner, extending almost halfway 
across and down. In that area, the mouse acts as if it is on the desktop, 
with no program at all running there, no matter what is up, nor how many 
windows I have open in that window. 

By default I set practically all my programs and windows to open full-screen, 
so for any program to open with in a smaller window would be most unusual. 
Also, the bug persists even after reboots, after going through my settings, 
etc. That makes me think that it could be some kind of shadow program, and I 
worry about maybe a keylogger or trojan or something like that, but clamav 
turns up nothing, and I can find no unusual activity when watching my 
firewall, or in the tork window, or in my logs. 

And now (just to make it a stranger and more tantalizing question), this bug 
seems to have vanished just as mysteriously as it appeared. Like I said, this 
happens from time to time, usually for several days, even a week, then it 
goes away again, and I don't remember changing any settings. 

If the bug returns, I'll try to give more details, but for now the issue seems 
moot. Thanks anyway.