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Month: August 2018

Re: [trinity-users] stretch problems

From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@...>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018 10:56:56 -0400
Gene Heskett composed on 2018-08-21 09:08 (UTC-0400):

>> > Now that's a gotcha I did not know. How did it come that this was
>> > thought of beeing a good idea?

>> Yep. Exactly my thought when i spent 3-hours with a server refusing to
>> boot after migration to a new hdd (i used a stretch flash to copy).
>> Who the fuck toughs it was a good idea?!! Why not call it ext5 or
>> ext4a or whatever?!!

> +100

> Now the question of the day is how the hell do we fix it?

As I implied 24 hours ago in this thread, it doesn't need fixing. Jessie came in
between Wheezy and Stretch, a long time (two years?). There are multiple
workarounds for those who skipped over Jessie:

1-Format the installation target using Wheezy or Jessie or old Knoppix or old
anything in advance of starting the installer. Formatting is an /optional/ part
of the installation process (as is partitioning).

2-As Dan wrote, use EXT3 instead of EXT4 (EXT3 can be converted to EXT4 later if
desired. AFAIK, the incompatible options will not automatically be added on

3-Format with the Stretch installer, but specify to omit the incompatible EXT4
options. I don't which it/they are, but my guess is the only one that is needed
is "-O '^64bit'". All my Wheezys were eliminated around the time its support
termination was announced, so no practical way here to test.

4-Use XFS instead of EXT4.

5-Use a newer and/or custom kernel in Wheezy.
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