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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Re: data recovery - recommendations & strategies

From: William Morder via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 09:42:45 -0700

On Thursday 10 September 2020 07:29:15 Michael via tde-users wrote:
> On Thursday 10 September 2020 03:59:08 am William Morder via tde-users 
> > Recovered images (img and iso) are saved, and taking up space, but I
> > cannot determine if there is any useful content in what was recovered.
> Can you not just mount the ISO?*  Then you'd be able to see what was able
> to be saved with standard tools.  Or even get jiggy and open up a hex
> editor is you're so inclined...
> Best,
> Michael
> * Search Fu: mount iso linux

No, so far nothing seems to make a difference, and I cannot even get much 
information from it. When I ran ddrescue, everything hummed along smoothly, 
no bad sectors, right up until 99.9% complete (literally!), then there were 2 
errors, 3072 B (total, I believe), and these bits could not be read even when 
I let it run for 500+ passes. 

Running testdisk now, on both iso and img files -- different copies of the 
same source. I am getting a message now, the run is about half-finished: 

check_FAT: Unusual number of reserved sectors 4 (FAT), should be 1.
check_FAT: Unusual media descriptor (0xf8!=0xf0)
Warning: number of heads/cylinder mismatches 64 (FAT) != 255 (HD)
Warning: number of sectors per track mismatches 32 (FAT) != 63 (HD)
  FAT12                54360  71 48 54361  11 50      12288 [Firmware]

The message is the same on both. However, it ought to be ext3, not 
fat-anything; unless these sectors are in reserved system space or something, 
this seems to be wrong. 

I don't even use this drive in connection with any fat filesystem; only my 
flash drive (the one I mentioned, which also failed) uses fat-32. I have one 
ntfs drive; the rest are all either ext4 or ext3. 

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