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Month: September 2020

Re: [trinity-users] data recovery - recommendations & strategies

From: "BorgLabs - Kate Draven" <borglabs4@...>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2020 13:27:38 -0400
On Thursday 10 September 2020, William Morder via tde-users wrote:
> Hello again!
> I told you that you'd miss me when I'm gone. :-]
> Please, I need recommendations or strategies for recovering data. I had a
> flash drive become unreadable, after I plugged it into my new printer to
> print out some documents that had been long in waiting. Then, before I
> could save myself, I had a 1.5 TB hard drive also fail. On this hard drive
> is (of course) the source of those backup copies on the flash drive. This
> is the partition which I was just about to backup.
> I have several hard drives, from 200 GB up to 8 TB, from 20 years old to
> brand-new; all are WD, except for one which is Seagate. Guess which one
> failed? I forget when I got it, or why I ever would have got anything but
> WD, or why I would have put anything important there.
> I have used ddrescue to try to recover the data, as well as other forensics
> tools. Recovered images (img and iso) are saved, and taking up space, but I
> cannot determine if there is any useful content in what was recovered. The
> failing partition has not been deleted. It cannot be read or mounted, so I
> have just left it like that, so that I can try to save it.
> Every attempt to recover the data gives the same result: 2 errors, 3072 B,
> that cannot be read. I tried using tools to look inside the saved iso
> image, but no luck there. I don't want to erase or format the failing disk
> partition until I am sure that I have recovered the data.
> My last hope is that I have another 1.5 TB hard drive; I could try to write
> the disk images to that partition before I format the old drive. But first,
> of course, I would need to backup materials from that drive, and now I am
> running out of space again.
> Bill
> P.S. And if things were not bad enough, the skies here in San Francisco are
> a muddy mixture of orange, black, brown and gray. At noon today, it looked
> like the middle of the night.
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There's another option but a wee bit expensive.

Purchase the same model SG drive (or whatever model etc) that failed and swap 
out the electronics.

Assuming there's no mechanical damage, it will work.
It's often why I buy drives in pairs.

Hope this was helpful.