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Month: November 2020

Re: [tde-users] Re: Bluetooth Headphone Microphone

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2020 08:47:16 +0100
Edward via tde-users wrote:

> Bluetooth Manager will display all of the known profiles, whether or not
> the actual headphones support a particular profile. This is the package
> installed from the PCLinuxOS repository.

if you query the device it will show you the profiles supported by the
device - could be that you are seeing the profiles supported by the PC?
use bluetoothctl to be 100% sure.

> Does TDE have its own Bluetooth Manager?

I reworked the older kdebluetooth to use bluez5 and named it tdebluez, but
it is not included in official packages yet. Feedback will be appreciated
if you decide to compile and use it.

> I bought a second pair of the Inland headphones, because the original
> set is several years old and I have no idea how long the battery is
> going to last, although it continues to fully-charge each time to this
> day.� :)
> The front of the box has the supported profiles printed right on it:
> HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP. The electronics would have to support the
> HSP/HFP profile(s), so this explains why the three Sentry models I
> tried, would not work with the mic on the PC.
I don't understand this, but it might be also irrelevant. IF there is a mic
on the headset than it would support at least HSP - doesn't matter how old
it is. Here comes the question what HW version it has - but AFAIK they are
compatible to some extent.
For HFP you need a device with SIM card. Look at the screenshot with Nokia
5530 - it is without SIM card and reports only HSP. This is because HFP
provides access to phone book as well and is handled differently - but as I
said it is not relevant in the case.