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Month: December 2011

Re: [trinity-users] KDE-Trinity 3.5.13 hung my machine

From: Ken Heard <ken@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 12:11:50 -0500
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David Hare wrote:


>> I am consequently quite curious as to why aptitude would install the
>> missing packages; whereas apt-get would not.  I could not find anything
>> in the release notes or the Debian installation instructions to indicate
>> that in upgrading to 3.5.13 aptitude should be used instead of apt-get.
>>   I initially used apt-get because the release notes and instructions for
>> the Lenny to Squeeze upgrade specifically recommended using apt-get
>> instead of aptitude.
>> Ken Heard, Toronto, Canada
> I don't use aptitude myself so can't help much with that.
> What I do know is, <apt-get upgrade> is a "safe upgrade" command which
> upgrades only those packages (or libs) which do not affect other
> packages. That's where you got into difficulty.

> What you needed was actually <apt-get dist-upgrade> (see <man apt-get>)

Hadn't thought of using the apt-get dist-upgrade option to upgrade to
kde-trinity 3.5.13, although I did use it as instructed to upgrade from
Lenny to Squeeze.  It is too late now to find out whether using apt-get
dist-upgrade for the first attempt to upgrade to 3.5.13 would have
avoided the problem I encountered.

> For everyday use, you should stick to one or the other as their
> package-tracking databases may differ

They do differ; so one should indeed stick to one or the other.  In fact
the upgrade option in aptitude has been deprecated; aptitude now insists
on either safe-upgrade or full-upgrade, but for the latter will for
historical reasons accept dist-upgrade.

Apt-get upgrade option seems to be the same as the safe-upgrade option
in aptitude, but the dist-upgrade in apt-get does not seem to be the
same as the aptitude full-upgrade option.  Apt-get also has a
deselect-upgrade option.

Chapter 4.4 of the Squeeze release notes (1) states: "In previous
releases aptitude was recommend, but recent versions of apt-get provide
equivalent functionality and also have show to give *more consistently*
the desired upgrade results."  (Emphasis mine)


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