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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] is there a version of trinity that actually works

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 12:12:17 +0000
On 04/07/12 09:34, Lisi wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 July 2012 17:43:29 David Hare wrote:
>> Here the major irritations are metapackages and recommends when
>> installing. I spent a lot of time working out how to exclude (for me)
>> unwanted stuff: kdeaccessibility, kmail, kdesudo, sudo-trinity,
>> kgtk-qt3-trinity, kdegames, kdetoys, kdeadmin, kdenetwork, kpackage
>> .....  Some are on the bug list and can affect the entire system.
>> I certainly don't want networking nor system admin tasks dependent on any
>> DE
>> For example, why are kdesudo-trinity and kpackage-trinity  "recommends"
>> of kaffeine-trinity? This is in the bug list.
>> With the bloat (probably also numerous buggy packages) out, TDE is still
>> found here to be the most functional DE available.
> This is where ignorance is most definitely _not_ bliss.  (Is it ever?)  I lag
> a long way behind you in knowledge of the nitty gritty.  So, there is my
> solution!  Get my head down and become more competent!  I'm all for avoiding
> buggy unwanted packages - but have no idea how to exclude them.  Other than
> by installing things one by one, of course, but it doesn't seem to be
> feasible for the base system.
> Lisi

Solution: New tde-lite meta, hopefully referenced in the official 
installation instructions. Hopefully the deps and recommends of the main 
packages to be reviewed.

However, I know TDE devs have already a huge task.

I will make a deb and maybe post it unofficially, my usual method is a 
bit long-winded.