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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] installing parts of Trinity in /usr/local

From: Philip Webb <purslow@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 05:16:13 -0400
120720 E. Liddell wrote:
> 120720 Philip Webb <purslow@...> wrote:
>> For most activities, I use Fluxbox on Gentoo with a number of KDE 4 apps.
>> However, there are  2  KDE 3 apps which I really value
>> & which have not been ported -- or not adequately -- to KDE 4 ,
>> ie Kmahjongg & Kworldclock; I would also like to keep Ksokoban around.
>> KDE 3 is no longer supported by Gentoo & will probably become unusable
>> in the near future after some further update of the pkg-manager Portage.
> You mean because of the way it's been complaining about the location
> of the EAPI line in the kde-sunset ebuilds lately?  That's a simple fix:
> someone just has to find time to swap the order of the KMNAME & EAPI lines
> and the complaints should go away.  For such a small set of packages,
> you can probably do it in a local overlay until kde-sunset catches up.

I submitted Gentoo bug 420849 & was told KDE 3 is no longer supported
& would probably become unusable in the near future.  That seemed final.

>> I would like to install the Trinity versions of the above
>> & the correct place for them seems to be  /usr/local .
>> I don't want to install the rest of Trinity, which I wouldn't use.
> Unfortunately, There Is A Problem with creating ebuilds for Trinity 
> that still use autotools to build, among them kdetoys and kdegames.

I wasn't planning to do it via Gentoo ebuilds,
but via 'configure make install' into  /usr/local/ .
Is that feasible ?

> Kworldclock was one of the applications that I was *not* able to make work.
> We need someone knowledgeable about autotools and the kde-sunset eclasses
> to help unravel the knot, and so far no one has volunteered.

What we really need is to have ebuilds for Trinity in the Gentoo tree.

> You can try building the packages by hand without Portage's intervention:

See above.

> if you do, please drop a message to the list to tell us how it goes.
> Otherwise, you may be stuck waiting for the low-priority packages
> to be ported to Cmake along with the rest of us.  NB the version of Qt3
> that ships with Trinity is slightly different from 3.3.8b,
> so you may need to replace that too, if you go the manual route.

Again, what I want is to install the necessary parts of Trinity.

> Sorry I can't give you better news.

Thanks for the info so far.  Do my comments provoke further advice ?

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