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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] installing parts of Trinity in /usr/local

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 06:57:30 -0400
On Sat, 21 Jul 2012 05:16:13 -0400
Philip Webb <purslow@...> wrote:

> 120720 E. Liddell wrote:
> > 120720 Philip Webb <purslow@...> wrote:
> >> For most activities, I use Fluxbox on Gentoo with a number of KDE 4 apps.
> >> However, there are  2  KDE 3 apps which I really value
> >> & which have not been ported -- or not adequately -- to KDE 4 ,
> >> ie Kmahjongg & Kworldclock; I would also like to keep Ksokoban around.
> >> KDE 3 is no longer supported by Gentoo & will probably become unusable
> >> in the near future after some further update of the pkg-manager Portage.
> > You mean because of the way it's been complaining about the location
> > of the EAPI line in the kde-sunset ebuilds lately?  That's a simple fix:
> > someone just has to find time to swap the order of the KMNAME & EAPI lines
> > and the complaints should go away.  For such a small set of packages,
> > you can probably do it in a local overlay until kde-sunset catches up.
> I submitted Gentoo bug 420849 & was told KDE 3 is no longer supported
> & would probably become unusable in the near future.  That seemed final.

The Gentoo KDE team no longer maintains KDE3, and bugs on it should not
be filed to Bugzilla, but sent to the gentoo-desktop mailing list, ideally with the
tag [kde-sunset] in the subject line.  AFAIK, KDE3 will be maintained there 
for as long as volunteer labour can keep it tottering along.

> >> I would like to install the Trinity versions of the above
> >> & the correct place for them seems to be  /usr/local .
> >> I don't want to install the rest of Trinity, which I wouldn't use.
> > Unfortunately, There Is A Problem with creating ebuilds for Trinity 
> > that still use autotools to build, among them kdetoys and kdegames.
> I wasn't planning to do it via Gentoo ebuilds,
> but via 'configure make install' into  /usr/local/ .
> Is that feasible ?

Should be, as far as I know.

> > Kworldclock was one of the applications that I was *not* able to make work.
> > We need someone knowledgeable about autotools and the kde-sunset eclasses
> > to help unravel the knot, and so far no one has volunteered.
> What we really need is to have ebuilds for Trinity in the Gentoo tree.

Which, at the moment, hinges on resolving the above problem.  There is an
overlay with workable ebuilds covering the equivalent of kdebase-meta, its
deps, and a few other packages, but not -toys or -games.  So you could
install kdelibs from it, but not the rest of what you want.

If you feel that would still be useful, you can clone the overlay from GitHub:

git clone

> > if you do, please drop a message to the list to tell us how it goes.
> > Otherwise, you may be stuck waiting for the low-priority packages
> > to be ported to Cmake along with the rest of us.  NB the version of Qt3
> > that ships with Trinity is slightly different from 3.3.8b,
> > so you may need to replace that too, if you go the manual route.
> Again, what I want is to install the necessary parts of Trinity.

I would suggest downloading 3.5.13 source packages from one of the
mirrors and following the instructions found at

to compile the parts you're interested in.

Buried among all the notes is the fact that you will need the
--enable-closure flag to compile kdegames and kdetoys.