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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] libogg0 conflicts with libogg0:i386 under ubuntu precise

From: Julius Schwartzenberg <julius.schwartzenberg@...>
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 20:36:02 +0200
Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>>> Stefan Endrullis wrote:
>>>>> I'm using trinity on a 64 bit Ubuntu precise (12.04) installation and
>>>>> I want to report a very annoying bug caused by a package conflict of
>>>>> libogg0 from the trinity repository:
>>>>> Since trinity's libogg0 conflicts with Ubuntu libogg0:i386 several 32
>>>>> bit applications such as adobe reader can no longer be installed on 64
>>>>> bit trinity installations.
>>>>> Is there really a conflict between libogg0 and libogg0:i386 that needs
>>>>> to be in the package definition or can one just remove this tag?
>>>> *BUMP*
>>>> This problem is still there and causing major issues on recent Ubuntu
>>>> installations. Is there any reason for Trinity to ship its own libogg0?
>>> Only to provide a .la file that was removed some time ago by Ubuntu
>>> upstream.  3.5.13 needed that file to build, R14 may not due to build
>>> system fixes.
>> Would it be possible to remove the offending packages from the
>> repository? This would solve all the multi-arch issues. Another option
>> would be adding "Multi-Arch: same".
>> Julius
> Just so I fully understand the problem, is this problem occurring with the
> nightly builds on Precise, or is it occurring with the 3.5.13 repository
> forcibly installed onto Precise?

I have this problem with the nightly builds on Precise and had it with
3.5.13 as well. I expect that all previous Ubuntu version with
multi-arch support are also broken by this however. This would be
version 11.04 and later.