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Month: March 2013

Trinity repository for Debian Wheezy

From: Sergey Frolov <dunkan.aidaho@...>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 17:04:49 +0200
Hi everyone!

I am an old KDE3/Trinity user.
Following my own tradition of upgrading ~2 weeks before release I have
successfully upgraded Squeeze to Wheezy. In order to minimize exposure
to a 3rd-party repositories I gave a try for KDE 4.8.4 and was not
impressed. While KDE received much and more neat usability
tweaks, my experience with my own usual use cases was mostly

Now that I checked my options, TDE looks very competitive to a modern
full-blown desktop environments. Congratulations and thank you for your

So, the question is: when Debian Wheezy repository (of any TDE release)
will be ready? Maybe you need help to test one? I am willing to put
some effort to get back to TDE by the time of Wheezy release.

P.S. Here is an announcement about passing 100RC bugs milestone:
Right now it's 87 and counting:

Best Regards,