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Month: February 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Please use version numbers!

From: Kristopher John Gamrat <chaotickjg@...>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:15:45 -0500
On Sunday 19 February 2012 05:30:56 pm Lisi wrote:
> On Sunday 19 February 2012 17:22:17 Kristopher John Gamrat wrote:
> > The oldstable, stable, testing, and unstable identifiers I can certainly
> > understand. However, if one only wants to use stable, I don't see any
> > reason to change it, except to use TDE 3.5.12 instead of 3.5.13, in which
> > case you'd be using 'oldstable' anyway. It is generally considered good
> > practice to always use stable anyway, except on a spare machine or
> > partition.
> >
> > Also, considering that "stable" and "squeeze" currently produce the same
> > exact package lists, I'm assuming there's some sort of linking going on
> > with their mirrors, so why not just replace "squeeze -> stable" with "6.0
> > -> stable"?
> >
> > I just find the whole naming thing confusing.
> And I don't understand the point that you are making here.  And find your 
> entire logic very confusing.

The point I am making is that one shouldn't need names for the releases in order to stay with a certain version.

Perhaps if you say what you find confusing, I can explain. I thought my logic was very clear.

> Perhaps you just have to accept that the system in use is liked, and 
> understood, by a great many people, but not by you.  Full stop.  They can't 
> please everybody all of the time.

I didn't say I didn't accept. I am just stating that I don't like it. I certainly don't like it when people try to make like I am saying something that I am not.

Kris Gamrat
Ark Linux webmaster