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Month: October 2015

Re: [trinity-users] Repositories for TDE was Re: [trinity-users] Slávek's repository

From: Mike Bird <mgb-trinity@...>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2015 14:28:58 -0700
On Mon October 5 2015 13:46:20 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> Google data center locations. If you include data centers that are under
> construction, Google has 19 locations in the US where they operate data
> centers, 12 in Europe, one in Russia, one in South America, and three in
> Asia.

Google has a majority of its data centers in the US where there is just
about 5% of the world's population.  And fewer data centers in Europe
where there is more than twice the population.

Google is heavily biased toward US infrastructure because US data centers
are very high quality and very well connected.  (And currently NSA while
awful is nowhere near as out of control as GCHQ.)

> Please, please, please can the main public facing stuff be somewhere else?

I've spent half of my life in the UK and half in the US.  I seriously
doubt that US DSL connections are significantly less reliable than UK
DSL connections.  Generally more expensive, but not much difference in

However DSL and Cable connections are no patch on DS1 and DS3 lines.

And those can't hold a candle to a properly designed data center, which
is probably where one or two key bits of TDE need to be.  But there's no
reason at all to move those bits to Europe.