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Month: September 2020

[trinity-users] Migration of services - 1. web server

From: Slávek Banko via tde-users <ml-migration-agent@...>
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 17:39:10 +0200
Hi all,

I'm launching a series of threads related to the migration of individual 
services. The main web server was listed first.

-- Migration status --

The web server is already successfully migrated to the virtual machine on 
the tde-box. It was migrated almost unchanged. The changes concerned only:

1. Service alerts - instead of a manually maintained page, the real status 
of services is now displayed.

Additional work is required to ensure that the retrieval status of the 
services is properly distributed among the individual servers where the 
services are active (eg, the mail server for the status of the mailing 
list services).

2. API documentation - search is not active, instead of Qt3 documentation 
TQt documentation is now published, instead of old KDE documentation, TDE 
documentation is published (tdelibs and tdebase).

Further changes will be needed here. However, there will be a need to 
discuss how to maintain and generate documentation.

3. Supported RFEs - the page is now static and since we do not currently 
have a way to accept monetary donations, this page is suitable for removal 
and replacement in a new way sometime in the future.

4. List of active mirrors - now provides a better overview of the status of 

-- What needs to be done --

1. Webhook for automatic update when pushing commits to git.

2. New bot for recording history / interaction on IRC and Jabber rooms. 
Currently, IRC history is being retrieved from the old Tim's server.

3. There could be some small changes in style - for example, for better 
display on mobile devices.

4. The menu could be revised - there some links are almost duplicated - 
Documentation � API Docs, some fully duplicated Home/Contact � Support, 
Bugs � Support/Bugs, Wiki � Support/Wiki.

5. Some changes in the content.

-- More ideas and suggestions?

Does everything work fine with the web server?
Do you have any other ideas and suggestions?

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