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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] K Menu - kicker crash

From: Mike Howard <mike@...>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 22:30:01 +0000
On 14/01/2012 22:22, Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> I'm a little confused now so please bear with me, or just ignore me as
>> you choose :)
>> I'm not at all sure where libart comes into my equation. I have
>> libart-2.0-2&  libart-2.0-dev installed on my system, as debs, but  not
>> libart-lgpl. Nor does libart-lgpl appear in the stable sources, except
>> as an almost empty sub-folder of konstruct/libs or in apt on either
>> Squeeze or Wheezy.
>> So, as a layman, what am I missing? I did say I was confused.
> libart-2.0-2 is what you want installed, but it should be installed from
> the link that I posted earlier in this thread.  Older versions of this
> package can cause a SIGABRT (a crash in layman's terms) due to a bug in
> this library.
>>    From a Wheezy point of view, yes, it's not marked as stable, but
>> waiting for debian stable is like waiting for a bus on a Sunday.
>> Besides, having experienced this build from source of 3.5.13, being
>> marked as stable doesn't mean it really is stable. No insult or slight
>> intended :)
> None taken.  I can only say that in my experience, Squeeze is rock solid
> (with TDE as well), whereas Wheezy won't even compile TDE completely on
> armel due to mysterious segfaults in (non-TDE) core libraries.
> Additionally, Wheezy has some other problems that manifest as a lockup of
> build chroots.  I have had it with Wheezy for now and won't support TDE on
> Wheezy until Debian at least has the guts to mark it stable. :-)
> And I fully understand that Stable isn't always stable, but at least
> instability reports will be taken seriously after that moniker is applied.
> I have personally experienced the frustration of waiting for Debian
> releases (hence my usage of Ubuntu on most of my servers), so I can
> understand why people are trying to "jump the gun" and use Wheezy before
> it is ready.  On the other hand TDE has enough problems (just due to its
> size and complexity) that I don't need to be fighting prerelease
> distribution-specific problems on top of the bugs in the TDE source.
Thanks Tim, for your reply & your efforts on this excellent project. I 
agree, TDE is rock solid on Squeeze and I'm happy to continue using it, 
I just wanted to try TDE on Wheezy. I do not expect support, though will 
willingly accept it, and to those kind people who are willing to respond 
to my posts I am very grateful.

Thanks to all who contribute.